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ooOOooooh so purrtey.. first all black, then all white.. will it be all red outfit next? kekeke

That little black leather <3
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July Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but I reckon I have to start again somewhere, so without further ado, here’s some updates:

1.) I won’t be going to Anime Expo(AX) this year, sadly, because… well.. I’m just too damn busy! So no gorgeous cosplay photos of amazing cosplayers and no photos of Acid either… maybe in the future (There are some unrealized projects in the back of my closet)

2.) I GOT A KITTY!!! I am deathly allergic, but by sheer will my immune system will learn to cope~

3.)I FINALLY got an instagram account: teakakes (not much originality there…)

And so with this post, I am basically trying to be a more active blogger :D

stay cool in this heat everyone!

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Kang So Young by Kim Jin Yong
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